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Aug. 5th, 2006 01:00 pm hmmmm

All of my friend's have abandoned their livejournals, perhaps I should do the same. . . I don't know I always liked getting comments on here, but noone is reading anymore or posting. So I will have to make a serious decisions on this.


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Jul. 27th, 2006 06:20 am Upset. . . Distubed. . . Confused. . . Pissed. . .

Hey everyone I had a few minutes before I had to leave for work I thought I would post about my evening at Kareoke night. So the guy that I met May 31st and flirted with me a lot was there. . . Well on the last Wednesday of June he was also there and his friend told me he had a partner, but I thought what the hell friends are always good I'll give him my number so I did.

Anyways back to last night. He was there and I seen him and I said hi and what's up and the basic friendly crap. About an hour later while I'm up putting in my next song he comes up and smacks my ass. And I'm like oh no he didn't. So as I'm waking around passing him he does it again (total of about 5 times). So I go out to smoke with my friends and pretty soon he comes out. And something was said and I said "I'm mad at you." and he tried to play it cool so I said, "You won't call, but you think it's ok to be smackin' my ass." and nothing was said so I went back inside.

About an hour later I'm sitting alone inside and he comes up. And he says, "The reason I didn't call is cause I have a boyfriend." and like the bitch I am I said, "I know. But just because you have a boyfriend means you can't have other friends?" and he got all quiet and finally said no. He said, but if he called his intentions wouldn't have been good (so what am I a slut now? I don't sleep with the taken guys). Anyways he goes up and puts in a song, and comes back and I'm glaring at him (eh, it's what I do when I'm upset) and he looks over and says What. And I leaned over and I said, "If you have a boyfriend why did you flirt with me two months ago?" and he said I was hot and blah blah blah bad intentions blah blah blah.

So I spent the next two hours pissed at him for not being truthful from the beginning like a man (fucking Peter Pan syndrom). And at 1:30 I left without saying good-bye to anyone because I was about to cry, or kick someones ass, or have another drink. . . I wasn't quite sure at that point.

Anyways thanks for listening to me rant about guys.


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Jun. 29th, 2006 09:37 pm Steven's Thursday

7:15 ~ Arrive at work (15 minutes late)
7:16 ~ Clock in
7:20 ~ Begin responding to emails 
7:40 ~ Finish emails, begin working problem folder
8:45 ~ Break time (2 cigarettes)
9:00 ~ Check a batch
9:15 ~ Continue working problem folder
10:00 ~ Negative Vendor Meeting
10:30 ~ Continue working problem folder
11:30 ~ Lunch time (4 cigarettes)
12:30 ~ Respond to more emails
1:00 ~ Continue working problem folder
2:30 ~ Break (2 cigarettes), make car payment, gossip
2:40 ~ Begin checking batches and doing other andministrative stuff
4:30 ~ Go home (Get stuck in rush hour traffic)

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Jun. 13th, 2006 10:05 pm Tuesday June 13th Work Day

Here is pretty much how my Tuesday went:
8:15 - Before work cigarette
8:30 - Clock in begin reading emails
8:45 - Finish reading training manual
9:00 - Learn how to key directs
10:00 - Break (2 cigarettes)
10:10 - Learn how to key Credits
10:30 - Learn how to verify direct batches were keyed correctly
11:00 - Webcast/ Conference call about Inventory (Audit) Weekend
12:30 - Read more emails
12:45 - LUNCH BREAK. . . weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (3 cigarettes)
1:15 - Pull work from another associate and begin keying on my own
1:30 - Meet with manager to discuss overtime
1:45 - Continue keying until all of the members of my group come back from breaks
2:45 - Meet with group to announce overtime
3:00 - continue keying invoices
3:15 - Break (1.5 cigarettes)
3:25 - Continue keying invoices
4:45 - batch out and begin reading emails
5:00 - Change computer password and clock out
5:01 - After work smokes (2 of them)
5:15 - Begin drive home in rush hour traffic.

Just a little taste of what I did today :-)~ More to come once I finish training.

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Jun. 11th, 2006 09:45 pm Just another Manic Monday

So tomorrow I begin my first day as an AP Assistant Supervisor. I'm a little nervous because I have to begin my Monday with tasks that I wanted to finish my Friday. I have to complete the process of packing up my desk and moving to a new cube in a different department. Also need to remember have my telephone line moved *note to self*. It's my first day ever in AP Entry. So like most newbies I need to go through a two week CRASH course in how to enter, and check work. I also need to learn tasks and releasing batches. WOW! That's a lot to remember. All the while remaining calm and continuing to smile.

I found out Friday there are big wigs comming to the office next week. Our Account Center boss, and the Area Accounting managers boss, along with managers from SO Cal which is my new region. . .

All I have to say is. . . "Hold onto your seats girls, it's going to be a bumpy ride. . . "

or as Frank says, "We're taking it up on two weeks. . . Hell no we're taking her up on the rims."


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Jun. 1st, 2006 11:32 pm Interesting. . .

So last night I'm at the bar and I see this REALLY cute guy! My lesbian friend says, "Don't get your hopes up he's straight." So after arguing I finally agree ok he's probably straight. She goes home and about an hour later I hear him yell accrossed the bar to someone "I'M GAY!" I just laughed and said I knew it. Around closing I passed him headed to the bathroom. He said, "Why haven't you talked to me tonight?" I told him I didn' t know, but probably because he didn't talk to me :-) As I was walking out of the bar he was on the side walk and I got about a half a block down the road and I heard him say, "Why does he have to leave?" in one of those cute sad voices. I turned around and looked at him and said, "Would you like me to stay?" We flirted for a few minutes and he walked me to my car. I find that totally sweet especially since he doesn't know me. He said he would be there again next Wednesday *bites lower lip* I think we should turn the flirting up a notch. :-)


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May. 29th, 2006 01:26 pm OH F*CK YEA!!!

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May. 29th, 2006 10:40 am Memorial Day!

Let's not forget what today is really for.

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May. 28th, 2006 08:15 pm Depression. . .

I just have to say that I find it amazing that a fattening dinner can cure depression. Thank God for the people that invented Cream based soups. . . mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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May. 27th, 2006 11:43 am Upset. . .

So last night I went out with my friend who is having a hard time. We went to dinner and drinks at the gay bar. While we were sitting there having drinks I noticed him being REALLY distant, even for him and looking like he was upset. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing. . . So I shrugged it off for a while. A few drinks later I told him that because he was there with me he was making a couple of people jealous and I had noticed one of them give him a dirty look and I almost kicked his ass for doing it.

That's when he finally told me that what I hadn't seen for whatever reason is that a bunch of people (majority of the bar) had been giving him dirty looks all night. And he was shrugging it off as they were my friends and they were looking out for me. Well I was PISSED luckily he wouldn't tell me who they were cause I would of told them off cashed out and left.

But anyways here's what I have to say to all my so called "friends" who give dirty looks. If you want to say something about who I'm with, whether it is a friend or not you need to come up and tell me you don't need to be ruining his/her night. And if you know something you think I should know you should tell me, not try to scare off my friends. And that's all I gotta say. I'm still pissed, but with time I will get over it. And even if I don't I will keep drinking.


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